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              Welcome to the Temple Menorah Family

First, thank you for stopping by. We know that in the time of technology everyone has a website, there is information to be found, shared, liked, voted up, retweeted and two hundred other things all over the place, and that very saturation is what makes it so important for us to make sure we never spam you via E-Mail or the website. 

So, if we're not spamming you, what will you get? 

This site is a place for you to get to  know the community, find out about our events and activities, become part of the family yourself and maybe, learn a thing or two.

See you soon at Temple Menorah!

And welcome to the family!

                                  Mission Statement

It is our mission as a Jewish entity to encourage and uphold a family environment in which Traditional Jewish holidays, culture, and rituals are preserved and developed.

We encourage community involvement and encourage you to help us brainstorm events and other such activities that will help the Menorah Family grow. 


As a Jewish entity, our goal is to create a dynamic community of committed Jews that will maintain our ancient rituals within a modern society. Some of the ways we encourage this is by prioritizing:

  • Community Outreach
  • Social activism
  • Inter-generational learning and programming
Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784