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Passover Yizkor Donation

We all can agree the focal point of Passover is family. The Seder and its rituals evolve around our extended family and friends, very essential spiritual and emotion aspects of Passover. 

This year, Yizkor can afford us the opportunity to experience some of these emotions. Memories help us relive the blessings brought to us by our loved ones - a parent’s sagacious advice and comforting words, a spouse's loving touch, a child’s pure embrace. 

Although the personal recitation of Yizkor for your loved one is preferred, if you are unable to recite Yizkor, please fill out the form below so your loved one's name will be mentioned by Rabbi Pearlson during Yizkor services in the Main Sanctuary, on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Wishing you a Kosher and Happy Passover!

Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784